How To Stop Overeating and Kill Your Cravings!

How To Stop Overeating and Kill Your Cravings!

Overeating is when one consumes more food or calories than their body actually needs. Usually, this can happen when a person goes to a get-together or a buffet. Overeating is an eating disorder, and it's very important to break the cycle. Today’s large portion sizes and fast-paced lifestyle could be the culprit. Therefore, snacks such as PROMUNCH which are made from roasted soybean are a healthy alternative when you’re on the go. 

There is no problem with having fun, but excessive overeating can cause chronic diseases, and heart problems, and can also lead to weight gain. People usually tend to overeat when they are distracted. One ends up over-eating while we are watching TV or scrolling through our phones, but we get so distracted that we don’t keep track of how much we are eating. So, it's best to keep our distractions away while we are eating so that we control the portions we eat. But if you need a munching partner, PROMUNCH is perfect because it is healthy, vegan, and high in protein, and soybean snack.

The other reason why people also tend to overeat is when they cut out meals from their diet. If one wants to lose weight, they don’t have to cut out a meal because it can lead to overeating and can cause weakness and more weight gain, so it's best for them to have small portions. Keeping your protein intake high is the best way to avoid overeating. A single bottle of PROMUNCH contains 48% protein. 

 Protein takes time to digest and stays in your body. If you include high protein in your meal, you will be full for a long time. Adding protein helps you kill your cravings as protein stays in your body and studies show that an increase in protein intake will decrease your cravings by up to 60%. Stabilizing the blood sugar level as a fluctuation in blood sugar level leads to hunger, which leads to overeating. Consuming excess alcohol may lead to overeating. Studies show that people who drink four to five drinks per week are more likely to overeat than people who have one to two drinks per week. Cutting down on your alcohol intake may be a good way to minimize overeating.

 Fats are always considered the main reason for weight gain and overeating, but studies have shown that consuming healthy and low-carb foods makes you less hungry and helps with weight loss. Consuming sugary beverages like soda and juices as these beverages have sugar counts as extra calories, so if you are consuming sugary beverages with your meal, you are adding those extra calories, which can be linked to overeating. Practicing mindful eating is the best way to avoid overeating. Keeping track of your calorie intake and restricting yourself from overeating is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy in the long run. 

 Many people tend to overeat due to cravings, so the best way to avoid cravings is to keep yourself hydrated and drink a lot of water. Thirst is always confused with cravings. Drinking a large glass of water can kill your cravings. Hunger is one of the biggest reasons for getting cravings, so it's better to have small meals and not to get very hungry. 

 Sleep plays a really important part in maintaining your appetite. Studies show that sleep-deprived people are 55% more likely to be obese as compared to people who get good sleep. Maximum calories are digested when you get good sleep, and it helps you kill cravings. Stress causes cravings and influences eating habits and eating behavior. 

 Cravings are very common; more than 50% of people experience cravings regularly. But it's very important to be aware of your cravings and the triggers that will make it easier to avoid your cravings and follow your healthy diet and help you lose weight. 

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