What is veganism?

What is veganism?

A person practices veganism when they do not use any animal products, especially in their diet. There are many reasons why a person might become vegan. He can be lactose intolerant, have low blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any other variety of health or even personal reasons. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a vegan person to find a good snack in the Indian market, but PROMUNCH has got you covered. PROMUNCH is a soy snack for people who are vegan but need a sufficient amount of protein intake. The other reason why people prefer veganism is their love for animals. 

Many animals are sacrificed for human consumption and are used for making clothing and accessories. That's why veganism is a lifestyle where they avoid consuming or using animal products. As vegan food is not processed and is obtained directly from plants with minimum added preservatives, it has a lot of health benefits. Some foods are processed, but they are less harmful than regular processed foods. A well-balanced vegan meal will have fruits, a lot of green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes. 

There are many misconceptions that a vegan diet lacks nutritional value, but that’s a myth. All the nutrition and protein can be obtained through a vegan diet as well. Soy is the best source of protein when it comes to a vegan diet. Peanuts, beans, lentils, and many more can be the dominating protein factor in one's diet. If a vegan diet is planned well, it can help a person to get quick results, and it can also uplift the person's mindset. 

A vegan diet helps with controlling cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and bone-related issues. The maximum amount of green gas is emitted from poultry farming, which leads to adverse effects on the climate. Land should be used to cultivate food, and veganism follows that this helps in dealing with problems like deforestation and soil degradation. A dietary shift from animal-based products to plant-based products will not only allow one to develop their health but will also help promote the health of the earth. 

A lot of food that is grown isn't even consumed by the people. Around 83% of the world's grain is used to feed animals. 700 million tonnes of food that humans should consume are gone to raise livestock every year. 

Nutrition plays a very important role in the life of an athlete, and hence, many high-performance athletes are getting into the vegan culture. Researchers say that a plant-based diet can bring about an overall change in the athlete, along with improving stamina, losing weight, and creating a leaner body. Athletes who compete in weightlifting and boxing need to maintain leaner bodies so they can maintain their weight. Other than maintaining their weight, athletes also have to maintain their speed, power, and endurance. A study showed that athletes who follow a plant-based lifestyle have a lower chance of getting injured. As athletes are involved in high-performance training, they have to keep their carb intake high as carbs are converted into glucose, which helps in energizing the body, and a portion of vegan food has good carbs that help the athlete recover faster. 

There is a slow rise in the vegan population in India. People have not only started to accept the culture but have also started practising veganism. It is divided into segments, which are ethical vegans (moral vegans) and raw vegans, who eat raw vegan food as it’s the purest form of diet. Another segment is whole food plant-based vegans, who don't use any form of processed food but are not like raw vegans; they cook their food while avoiding processed food, and environmental vegans follow a vegan diet for the wellness of the environment.

Many cafes serve vegan food, and many brands are coming up with vegan food and snacks that are healthy and reasonable, like PROMUNCH. Before the pandemic, people were not concerned about their health, but when the pandemic happened, everyone started thinking about their health, which led to the rise of the vegan culture in India. People still get confused between vegetarianism and veganism. To put it in simple words, vegetarianism is a diet where one person cuts out meat from their diet, and veganism is a lifestyle in which one person cuts out all the products processed by animals (like milk, butter, etc.). Veganism takes time and grows on a person.
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